• Co-artistic directors Christine Gouzelis & Paul Blackman established the Athens (Greece) based company JUKSTA (aka) Jukstapoz in early 2010.

      The choreographic duo creates multilayered atmospheres and other-worldly mise en scenè, to make work that balances both chaos and harmony upon a body of symbolist, fable-like beauty. The constant aesthetic inquiry into sensory experiences, both intimate and shared, results from deconstructing narratives and juxtaposition of associated ideas, characters and concepts placed side by side compared and contrasted.

      As the recipient of multiple international commissions, the co-directors have choreographed and collaborated at various, theatres, institutions, festivals and companies worldwide, among others -
      Götenburgs Operans Danskompani, Teatro Alla Scala, Sadlers Wells, Salzburg Festspiele, Wiener Staatsoper, Onassis Cultural Centre Athens, Athens Epidaurus Festival, Tasdance Australia, Kalamata International Dance Festival.
      The team's continued vision is engagement with a highly versatile range of platforms from contemporary dance, ballet, opera, theatre, music, fashion, film and involvement with educational and pedagogical training.

      ​Jukstapoz continuously strives to establish lasting foundations that uphold its vision and commitment to collaborative practices. Mutually respectful, trust-based engagements continue to be invaluable for every creative outcome the company engages with.

    • Götenburgs Operans Danskompani .
      Teatro Alla Scala .
      Salzburg Festspiele .
      NeedCompany .
      Venice Biennale .
      Wiener Staatsoper.
      Sadlers Wells .
      Onassis Cultural Centre Athens .
      NTM - National Theater Mannheim .
      Athens Epidaurus Festival .
      Kalamata International Dance Festival .
      Theater in der Jozefstadt.
      Arc for Dance .
      Theater Kiel .
      TicTac Art Centre .
      Creative Producer Indiindi .
      Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater .
      Tasdance Australia .
      Greek Ministry of Culture .
      New York Battery Dance Festival .
      Salzburg Landestheater .
      53rd Dimitria Festival Thessaloniki .
      Klangforum .
      The New Dance Festival Beijing .
      Sziget Festival .
      Jasmin Vardimon (JV2) .
      Linz Tanzhafenfestival .
      AN-TRE Program.
      Beijing Academy of Dance .
      Gate8 Workshops .
      Spider Festival .
      Too Far East.
      B12 .
      Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance .
      Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts .
      National School of Dance Greece .
      West Australian Academy of Performing Arts .
      Iceland University of the Arts .
      Fontys Dance Academy .
      Dot504 Company Prague .
      Beijing BNU Dance Festival .
      The Place London .
      Festival Deltebre Dansa .
      Singapore M1Dance Festival .
      IMEROS Organisation Cultural Development .
      Ravnedans Festival .
      Dan.c.ce Cultural Centre .
      Greenwich Dance .
      203Y Dance Theatre China .
      Dance New Amsterdam .
      Strut Dance Australia .
      LaborGras Studio Berlin .
      Jette Studio Brussels .
      Spanski Borci Dance Festival .
      Disney Hong Kong .
18 JUN 2023

SKYWARD - 2024

New Commission -
Theater St. Gallen -
Premiere 27.6.2024 -
More info below -

SKYWARD  - 2024



Prophesied armageddons generally disappoint. In his only opera, Le Grand Macabre, György Ligeti created a large, discursive world theatre in which the plain, unvarnished human condition with all its drives and weaknesses is the cause of nothing less than an impending apocalypse. Into an imaginary, corrupt land of milk and honey – Breughelland, a vision of gluttony, drunkenness and lechery – Death arrives one day, otherwise known as Nekrotzar or the demonic Grand Macabre, to announce the impending destruction of the world and frivolous humanity. However, seduced by the pleasures of life, which he is unfamiliar with, the only person to die at the end is Nekrotzar himself. Everyone else draws the conclusion that their temporary survival should be used to continue their previous lifestyle.


AMOPERA is the first part of a triptych around the idea of 'meta-opera', which aims to reflect on the medium of opera. This first instalment - the love part - is an intense collaboration between Klangforum Wien and Needcompany on opera and music theatre from the past hundred years. Never before has the role and meaning of art been explored so extensively and in such a varied way by applying various (new) techniques such as deconstruction, collage and accumulation but also by coming up with new stories, insights, interpretations and questions as during the 20th century. Jukstapoz (Paul Blackman) will be choreographically working with this project and all those involved.

05 Nov ERL AT Festspielhaus Erl PREMIERE

Otello Opera - Kiel Theater
31 MAR 2022

Otello Opera - Kiel Theater

New production alongside director Alexandra Liedtke returning to Theater Kiel for this epic work.
"I believe that man is the play of an unjust fate ... Death is nothing, and heaven is an old fairy tale." His superior Otello, who, as the happily married hero of the Republic of Venice's victory, is only tormented by the "blemish" of not being a native Venetian, becomes a pawn in his hands, which makes him an outsider. The boundless jealousy that Iago can arouse in Otello, and which causes Otello to murder his innocent wife Desdemona, grows out of the doubts that the world has planted in him.

23 FEB 2022

Pique Dame @ Teatro La Scala

It is an honour for the company working in the the largest opera house in the world. As Timur Zangiev conducts a masterpiece of the Russian repertoire. With a libretto by Tchaikovsky’s brother Modest based on Pushkin’s tale, the opera was composed primarily in Florence in 1890 and is one of the composer’s crowning artistic achievements. The obsessive atmospheres of this classic foray into the curse of gambling are entrusted to the director Matthias Hartmann, who has already staged Der Freischütz and Idomeneo at La Scala. Asmik Grigorian returns to Piermarini’s stage as Liza.

Pique Dame @ Teatro La Scala
20 FEB 2022


The company will be making a new work on the National Theater of Mannheim, with 10 fantastic dancers and a new musical composition made by Chris Parapagidis and with set designer by Dimitris Nassiakos.

20 OCT 2021

The Ideal Man - Oscar Wilde

The company will be working choreographically and as movement coach, alongside director Alexandra Liedtke and her new production of Oscar Wilde's 'The ideal husband'.
The worked premiere is on November 25th 2021, and the renowned Theatre in der Josefstadt.
More information can be found here:

The Ideal Man - Oscar Wilde
Continuim Premiere - UNFOLD - Göteborgs Operan
1 JUL 2021

Continuim Premiere - UNFOLD - Göteborgs Operan

In Continuim, choreographers Paul Blackman and Christine Gouzelis explore life’s circularity, rapidity, fears and how we overcome them. Days gone past and memories of other times flash by at a pace that keeps us riveted to our seats. Continuim was created at the Göteborg Opera in autumn 2020, but its world premiere was cancelled due to the pandemic.

More information on :

31 DEC 2020

10th YEAR - Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance

2021 marks the tenth year as long term faculty and community members at SEAD - We will return for a 6 week session starting Janurary 05 with a new choreography, teaching and mentoring the students for another and always exciting encounter.

10th YEAR - Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance
17 DEC 2020


Rehearsals start for the Salzburg Festspiele new production of Intolleranza 1960 by Luigi Nono.
Under the directorship of Jan Lauwers (Needcompany)
Choreographic and Rehearsal Assistant Jukstapoz

2 DEC 2020

L'incoronazione di Poppea

DIE WIENER STAATSOPER will be re-mounting the highly praised production from the Salzburg Festspiele in 2018.
Director Jan Lauwers ( Needcompany )
Choreography and Rehearsal Assistant - Jukstapoz

L'incoronazione di Poppea
Movementors - SEAD
2 DEC 2020

Movementors - SEAD

Chrisitne Gouzelis x Movementors SEAD - from the 9 - 14th August ( 5 hours daily )

More info here