• Co-artistic directors Christine Gouzelis & Paul Blackman established the Athens (Greece) based company JUKSTA (aka) Jukstapoz in early 2010.

      The choreographic duo creates multilayered atmospheres and other-worldly mise en scenè, to make work that balances both chaos and harmony upon a body of symbolist, fable-like beauty. The constant aesthetic inquiry into sensory experiences, both intimate and shared, results from deconstructing narratives and juxtaposition of associated ideas, characters and concepts placed side by side compared and contrasted.

      As the recipient of multiple international commissions, the co-directors have choreographed and collaborated at various, theatres, institutions, festivals and companies worldwide, among others -
      Götenburgs Operans Danskompani, Teatro Alla Scala, Sadlers Wells, Salzburg Festspiele, Wiener Staatsoper, Onassis Cultural Centre Athens, Athens Epidaurus Festival, Tasdance Australia, Kalamata International Dance Festival.
      The team's continued vision is engagement with a highly versatile range of platforms from contemporary dance, ballet, opera, theatre, music, fashion, film and involvement with educational and pedagogical training.

      ​Jukstapoz continuously strives to establish lasting foundations that uphold its vision and commitment to collaborative practices. Mutually respectful, trust-based engagements continue to be invaluable for every creative outcome the company engages with.

    • Götenburgs Operans Danskompani .
      Teatro Alla Scala .
      Salzburg Festspiele .
      NeedCompany .
      Venice Biennale .
      Wiener Staatsoper.
      Sadlers Wells .
      Onassis Cultural Centre Athens .
      NTM - National Theater Mannheim .
      Athens Epidaurus Festival .
      Kalamata International Dance Festival .
      Theater in der Jozefstadt.
      Arc for Dance .
      Theater Kiel .
      TicTac Art Centre .
      Creative Producer Indiindi .
      Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater .
      Tasdance Australia .
      Greek Ministry of Culture .
      New York Battery Dance Festival .
      Salzburg Landestheater .
      53rd Dimitria Festival Thessaloniki .
      Klangforum .
      The New Dance Festival Beijing .
      Sziget Festival .
      Jasmin Vardimon (JV2) .
      Linz Tanzhafenfestival .
      AN-TRE Program.
      Beijing Academy of Dance .
      Gate8 Workshops .
      Spider Festival .
      Too Far East.
      B12 .
      Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance .
      Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts .
      National School of Dance Greece .
      West Australian Academy of Performing Arts .
      Iceland University of the Arts .
      Fontys Dance Academy .
      Dot504 Company Prague .
      Beijing BNU Dance Festival .
      The Place London .
      Festival Deltebre Dansa .
      Singapore M1Dance Festival .
      IMEROS Organisation Cultural Development .
      Ravnedans Festival .
      Dan.c.ce Cultural Centre .
      Greenwich Dance .
      203Y Dance Theatre China .
      Dance New Amsterdam .
      Strut Dance Australia .
      LaborGras Studio Berlin .
      Jette Studio Brussels .
      Spanski Borci Dance Festival .
      Disney Hong Kong .


ALL THE RAGE is a virtuosic ensemble of performers that shifts and changes within an instant from scene to scene. Constructing the environment around themselves as they develop further or delve deeper into each moment. They command the attention of the camera and the audience either in their action or passive state of emergency. With the delivery of the “teams” staging and their focus, we are also able to witness their individual choices depending on the particular scene & depending on the particular performance.
Everything and anything is open in ALL THE RAGE.
ALL THE RAGE is as its title suggests: progressive, long hair in the ’70s, having a moment, sharp, avant-garde, happening, getting with the programme, now...

  • Direction, Choreography, Concept
  • Paul Blackman & Christine Gouzelis
  • Photographer
  • © Edin Mustafic
  • Direction, Choreography, Concept
  • Paul Blackman & Christine Gouzelis
  • Photographer
  • © Edin Mustafic
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